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1st – 4th June, 2022

This play is a witty yet poignant look at a working class woman’s attempts to change her social circumstances through pursuit of an Open University qualification.

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31st August – 3rd September, 2022

Some students from a Progress Class in Liverpool are going on a trip to Conwy Castle, but they misbehave. Before the trip they leave they buy sweets and the deputy head disciplinarian teacher, Mr Briggs, joins them. On the journey, they make some stops: at a cafe, a zoo, the beach (Conwy Castle) and (afterwards) a fun fair. Whilst the children shoplift and generally make trouble, an older boy, Reilly hits on his young teacher, Susan, who shakes off his attentions by suggesting he turn his attention to the pretty young Linda, who had been trying it on with her own boyfriend, Colin. At the castle, they end up losing one of the children, Carol.


26th – 29th October, 2022

In October 1998 in the middle of the prairie outside Laramie, Wyoming, Matthew Shepard, a 21 year old student at the University of Wyoming, was tied to a fence post, severely beaten, robbed, , tortured and left, alone, to die. His body — battered, bloody, barely clinging to life — was discovered eighteen hours later. He was rushed to the hospital and put on life support. He died five days later. The reason for this brutal crime? Matthew Shepard was gay.


15th – 18th February, 2023

The Lady in the Van tells the true story of Alan Bennett’s somewhat strained friendship with Miss Mary Shepherd, a crabby, eccentric, and unsanitary homeless woman whom Bennett befriended in the 1970s, before allowing her to park her Bedford van in the driveway of his Camden home “for three months”.


19th – 22nd April, 2023

Life was changing. Britain was becoming a different place. To many people, Harold Macmillian, the Prime Minister, seemed outdated and irrelevant – an Edwardian grandee lingering uncomfortably in the world of E-type Jaguars, Carnaby Street and TV’s That Was The Week That Was. But few were aware that his life was scarred by domestic unhappiness and sexual betrayal. A Letter Of Resignation explores the events that lay hidden behind the headlines and examines a complex web of personal and political morality. “Never explain, never apologise, never repent the mistake” – Not a bad motto for a life in politics.


31st May – 3rd June, 2023

This is a rollicking comedy about the attempts of some working class amateurs to overcome their inhibitions and left feet in a low-rent dance studio in North London. Mavis, a former professional chorus girl tries her hardest to teach the bumbling amateurs some terpsichorean skills for an upcoming recital. But before the dancing begins Mavis must mediate the minor dramas that erupt among this motley but loveable crew on their way to triumph at their recital.