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27th July 2022

7:30 pm

Venue – Haggate Rehearsal Rooms

A Letter of Resignation

This is a behind the scenes political drama based around the Profumo Affair of early 1960s Britain when the Secretary of War became embroiled in a web of deceit with high class call girls and alleged Russian agents. It was a time of change, with a seemingly out of touch Prime Minister, Harold MacMillan. The play explores a web of personal and professional intrigue, the events behind the headlines, even the man in charge, whose private life was far from how it appeared. Time – early 1960s Cast: 2 female – one middle aged, one older (Lady Macmillan), 3 male one aged 35, one middle-aged and one elderly (Macmillan).

Contact details for those who are interested but cannot attend on the night – ring Garrick Secretary Alan Hargreaves on 07725 335306 or email alan-hargreaves@hotmail.co.uk.


Tuesday 4th & Monday 10th October 2022

7:30 pm

Stepping Out is set in London in the 1980s. The scene is a church hall where a group of women and one man gather each week for tap dancing classes, mainly to get them away from the boredom of their personal lives. This play really is a team affair, in which all but one of the ladies have to learn to tap dance! It is a challenging production and will be physically hard work – but should be great fun – and the finished performances will be well worth it! Tap dancing will be part of rehearsals, but a basic knowledge would be helpful. It has a cast of 10 comprising 9 women and one man.

Mavis – dance teacher, mid 30`s to mid 40`s

Dorothy – 30 – 45 year old

Lynne – 18 – 21 year old

Vera – 35 – 50 year old

Rose – 40 – 50 year old

Contact details for those who are interested but cannot attend on the night – ring Martin Chadwick on 07788 554939 or emailcmall01@aol.com, or telephone (text) 07788 554939.