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Educating Rita

1st – 4th June 2022

Educating Rita is a witty yet poignant look at a working class woman’s attempts to change her social circumstances through pursuit of an Open University qualification.


20th – 23rd April 2022

When Eric Dawson, a stranger, claims to have known Richard’s second fiancee – a woman Richard claims does not exist – Barbara’s health worsens and she isn’t the only one. With bad luck spreading almost as quickly as bad news, it seems somebody is out to kill Barbara, and anyone else who gets in their way.


16th – 19th February 2022

It’s 1964 but the sixties aren’t swinging for Mary Adams: 19-years-old, unmarried and pregnant. She is sent in secrecy and shame to St. Saviours, a Church of England mother-and-baby home run by a formidable Matron.
Mary is set to work in the laundry and shares a room with the tough-talking Queenie. The girls in the home bond over a love of girl-group records, which entertain, console and inspire as the birth of their babies approaches. When Mary finds she is expected to give up her child for adoption, she begins a desperate fight.


27th – 30th October 2021

‘The Right Thing’ is set in the north at the end of World War Two.