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Be a part of The Garrick

It takes a team of people to put on a production, the average production takes a team of set builders, painters, technicians, wardrobe and props, front of house people, and others as well as the actors and the committee.  Everyone who is involved in a show is a volunteer, and we cannot have too many of them, and we can use anyones skills and talents, so it doesn't matter what your skills or experience are, whether you love the theatre, or just want a hobby we would love to hear from you.

Do you want to act?

As well as the army of people putting the production together and providing a space to perform, we need actors to adorn the stage.  We hold play readings through the year, from which the director will choose their cast.  Keep an eye out on our events page for upcoming play readings.  We also publish this information on our social media accounts, so follow us!

Can you direct a play?

We are always looking for new directors to join us, we ensure that we have a different director for each of our 5 plays a season, and we try to have as big a variety as possible.  Not directed before?  If you have experience of being involved in productions we also use assistant directors for some productions, or pair you with one of our experienced directors to help hone your directing skills.

Finding us...

We perform out plays at Burnley Youth Theatre on Queens Park Road in Burnley.

We have workshop and rehearsal space at Haggate Baptist Church, Haggate, Burnley.


Get in touch - email and they will pass your details onto the relevant department lead who will get back in touch.