Choosing the Play


How are plays selected?

The play reading committee accepts suggestions for plays, for the Garrick to produce, from suggestions made by its members over the course of a season. From the list of suggested plays, a reading list is made. All members of the Play Reading Committee then read ALL the plays suggested.

All the plays are then discussed, with a view to producing a short-list of plays that are considered within the capabilities of The Garrick, paying special attention to staging requirements, casting and the Garrick audience. The constraints imposed by the venue are also taken into consideration. The Garrick has had, and will continue with, a balanced programme of plays that provide a mixture of comedy and drama.

From the reading list will be produced a short-list of plays, for consideration by the full committee, and by directors who wish to direct. Anyone who wishes to direct can choose a play (or plays) from the short list.

Once the short-list has been published, anyone with an interest in directing will be invited to a meeting to discuss the play he or she has chosen from the short-list. From this meeting with directors, a programme of plays and directors for the season will be selected. The directors involved should understand that there is a need for the Garrick to continue offering a balanced programme of productions.

Choosing the director.

Anyone with an interest in directing is invited to put their name forward to direct a play or plays from the short-list.

Once the plays and directors have been chosen, all plays will then be cast from open, casting, play-readings - the cast being chosen by the director from the play-reading. In the event that it proves not possible to cast all roles from the play reading, actors who have not attended may be asked to play any unfilled role.


Only paid-up members of the Garrick will be considered for parts or as a director.

To put your name forward for consideration as a director for a play or plays, please let us know the play or plays you would like direct by contacting the secretary.

To contact the secretary: click here