A fun play of female solidarity


The cast of Curtain Up! presented by The Garrick

Farce on stage has never felt more relevant in these modern times than in the last few ludicrous years.

And there is perhaps little more farcical than female rivalries born out of the belief that male adoration is the greatest measurement of a woman's worth.

But that's exactly what we see played out on stage in The Garrick's presentation of Curtain Up!

It's a tale, written by Peter Quilter and directed by Steve Grist, of five women who inherit equal shares in deceased Michael's derelict theatre. The clutch of women - mother, daughter, ex-wife, mistress and secretary- must find away to put their differences aside in a bid to restore the venue to its former glory and live out Michael's dreams.

Central character Pam, his bitter ex-wife, is riddled by insecurity. She views Jackie, her husband's mistress, as a fancier version of womanhood.

Yet each of these characters were a wonder to watch: all vivacious, funny, strong; and more capable and similar to each other than they think.

If farce is the outpouring of lost control then Pam is the primary vehicle in the play. She believes her life is out of her control: women can snatch away what she holds dear.

Viv Thornber gave a terrific performance as Pam, capturing the entire range of of her vulnerabilities without losing a drop of her wonderfully loving nature.

Kathleen Riley and Jamie-Leigh Hindman each gave a hilarious and sassy performance as the play's rebels, Betty and Sharon.

Solid and balanced too were the portrayals of Theresa and Jackie by Emily Williamson and Susan Dinsdale, both full of warmth and passion.

This fun play of female solidarity in the face of difficult odds became all the more impressive after learning Hindman and Williamson only joined the cast a few weeks ago.

Hats off to this skilful team for demonstrating just what magic we women can make when we choose to support each other.

Curtain Up! will be shown tonight and tomorrow at 7-30pm at The ACE Centre, Cross Street, Nelson.
To book call 01282 661080.

Laura Longworth - Burnley Express - Friday February 10, 2017