a black comedy by Eric Chapell

Directed by Mark Storton

ACE Centre, Nelson - 12th - 15th October, 2011


  • Vincent - Ken Entwistle
  • Walter Bryce - Giles Williams
  • Celia Bryce - Amanda Ashby
  • Withers - Tom Garner
  • Angie - Lisa Briercliffe



Ken Entwistle; Giles Williams; Lisa Briercliffe; Tom Garner and Amanda Ashby

Production Team

  • Producer - Martin Chadwick
  • Sound / Lighting - Richard I'Anson, Chris Storey
  • Stage Manager - Ed Holley
  • Set Design - Richard I'Anson
  • Set construction - The Garrick Team
  • Artwork - Noreen Lobo
  • Props - Marilyn Jones & Prue Wilkinson
  • Prompt - Martin Chadwick
  • Get In / Out Co-ordinator - Lynne Atkinson
  • Programme & Poster Logo - Noreen Lobo
  • Publicity - Lynne Atkinson & Team
  • Programme - David Lewis
  • Front of House - David Baxter & the Garrick Team


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Natural Causes - Production Photographs

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About the play

Natural Causes is the story of Vincent, a lower-class man who works for a company called Exodus as a professional ‘suicide merchant’. He turns up at the Bryce mansion assuming Walter Bryce has contacted him to carry out a suicide. But then there's Walter's wife, Celia, who wanted a suicide pact on her wedding night, and also a good Samaritan called in to help.

The play was acclaimed at its premiere as a 'highly original comedy thriller, full of mistaken identities, hilarious consequences and some great laughs'. Who will actually take the suicide potion? Will it be the wife or the mistress, or even the errant husband? Innocent bystanders are not entirely safe, and even the poor rubber plant gets involved! Natural Causes is full of innuendo and will keep you in suspense until the hilarious conclusion.

Director's notes


Mark Storton

Eric Chappell is best known for penning the Yorkshire Television series Rising Damp, which starred Leonard Rossiter and Frances De La Tour in the 1970s. Natural Causes draws on this heritage with its irreverent, but well observed, black comedy.

I am pleased to be able to return to The Garrick to direct this play with such a great cast - my usual mix of new and familiar faces to the Garrick audiences.

Vincent is played by Ken Entwhistle, who was last seen as the harassed hero, Henry, in Funny Money (February 2011). Playing the husband and wife, Walter and Celia Bryce, are Giles Williams and Amanda Ashby. Giles' last role for the Garrick was as Pop Larkin in The Darling Buds of May (May 2010) and Amanda had a cameo role in A Little Local Difficulty (January 2006).

The cast is completed by Lisa Briercliffe, playing Walter's Secretary, Angie, and Tom Garner as Withers, the Samaritan. Lisa only other appearance for the Garrick was A Fly in the Ointment (June 2004) and Tom was the much maligned Sir Percy Shorter in Habeas Corpus, the popular farce that ended the 2010/11 season in May this year.

I should like to thank the cast and production team for all their hard work and you, The Garrick audience, for your continued support. I hope you get as much enjoyment, watching Natural Causes as much as we have had producing it.

Mark Storton, Director.