The Memory of Water

by Shelagh StephensonMemory of Water

directed by Carol Anne Connolly

This is a story of family relationships, memories, and how the recollection of events and past times can differ from person to person.

The play is set in 1995 and the action takes place at Vi's (the mother's) house, the day before and the morning of her funeral. Act 1 begins as the three sisters arrive at the family home. The play follows their relationships with their mother and each other, dealing with love, loss and regret in a touching and often unexpectedly humorous way.

Act I

Act II

Directors notes:

When I was was asked to direct for The Burnley Garrick Club I suggested "fhe Memory of Water" a play l have seen, read and thoroughly enjoyed:. Fortunately, they agreed that it is a strong piece of theatre which would appeal to the Garrick audience. I do enjoy directing a more challenging play and this one is no exception The playwright provides us with some intelligently observed,. particularly well written female characters that I am sure many of you will recognise and identify with.

I decided to set the play on the theatre floor to help create the intimacy that is essential for this production. The wintry weather saw us rehearsing in Cynthia Sandersons's dining room, my own lounge, the bar and coffee lounge at Blackburn Arts Club and eventually, Haggate rehearsal rooms. In particular, I would like to thank Blackburn Arts Club for allowing us to rehearse at their theatre, the technical staff for giving me everything I asked for, and my cast for their dedication and commitment to ensure you have an enjoyable evening's entertainment

We give you The Memory of Water
Carol Anne Connolly


Mary - Barbara Cilgram
Vi - Cynthia M Sanderson
Teresa - Anne Baron
Catherine - Heidi Needham
Mike - Stephen Derbyshire
Frank - Geoff Baron

Music Used

Act I

Act II

Production Team

Stage Manager& Production Assistant - Martin Chadwick
Set - Richard l'Anson & Team
Lighting & Sound - Richard l'Anson
Properties - Cath Broadley
Wardrobe - Lynne Atkinson
Prompt - Pat Chadwick
Photographer - Nigel Catterall
Publicity - Lynne Atkinson
Front of House Manager - David Baxter