My Fat FriendProgramme Cover

by Charles Laurence

Directed by Mark Storton


Act I

Act 2

The action takes place in the Living area of Vicky's bookshop. Time: Present

Director's Notes

When Skylight, the play I was originally scheduled to direct, was cancelled due to casting problems, My Fat Friend was suggested as a possible alternative. The contrast been the plays couldn't have been greater. Skylight is a tense contemporary drama and My Fat Friend is a very funny comedy, with camp, Carry-On style of humour. The original London cast included Kenneth Williams and Jenny Linden.

Can I take this opportunity to thank my cast, the producton team and anyone else who has helped with this production in any way, and also thank you, our audiences for supporting us. I hope you have as much fun watching My Fat Friend as we have had producing it. Enjoy!


Production Manager - Lynne Atkinson
Set Design - Nigel Catterall
Set Construction Manager - Richard I'Anson
Construction Team - David Baxter, Barbara Holsgrove, Trevor Riley,
Nigel Catterall, Anne Dickinson, Elizabeth Higginson, Martin Chadwick
Stage Manager - Andrew Broadley
Scenic Painter - Noreen Lobo
Lighting & Sound - Richard I'Anson
Properties - Kathleen Riley
Wardrobe- Frances Singleton, Kirsty Ashworth & Cast
Prompt - Lynne Atkinson
Programme - Martin Chadwick
Publicity - Lynne Atkinson and Team
Posters - Noreen Lobo
Front of House - David Baxter and Team