Programme CoverLord Arthur Savile's Crime

by Constance Cox

Directed by John Cummings


The action takes place in the drawing room of Lord Arthur's House in Grosvenor Square, London.

Time 1890s


Scene 1: Evening
Scene 2: The following morning


Scene 1: Morning, 3 days later
Scene 2: Early Evening, several days later
Scene 3: The following Morning

Directors notes

A Tale of Two Arthurs...

There is frequently as much drama offstage as onstage in amateur theatre and this production has been no exception. So it was that our original Lord Arthur, Adrian Hartley, was found to require urgent, major surgery only two weeks prior to the first scheduled performance. This was doubly unfortunate because Adrian was doing a superb job in what is a huge role.

We are incredibly lucky to get Salva Vita, himself a very accomplished performer, to agree to take on the part at only two weeks notice. I have worked with Salva in the past and I can think of very few local actors who could have even attempted a part of this scale in so short a time and Salva is one of them.

Thanks to Salva and a very supportive cast for their terrific efforts, which I trust will be rewarded with a successful and enjoyable run.

The cast and crew of Lord Arthur dedicate this production to Adrian Hartley with best wishes for a speedy recovery.


Set Design & Construction - Nigel Catterall
Production Managers - Clifford Spencer, Martin Chadwick
Set Construction - Nigel Catterall, Martin Chadwick, David Baxter, Gethyn Clarke, Kevin Kay, Howard Rogers, Madeline Masters, Clifford Spencer
Stage Manager - Martin Chadwick
Asst. Stage Manager - Gethyn Clarke
Scenic Painting - Noreen Lobo
Lighting & Sound - Richard l'Anson
Properties - Marilyn Jones, Susan Jones, Denise Rennison
Wardrobe - Frances Singleton, Anne Dunlop
Prompt - Dorothy Spencer
Programme - Martin Chadwick
Newsletter - Nigel Catterall
Publicity - Lynne Atkinson, Anne Cottam
Front of House - David Baxter & Team