GASLIGHTPrgramme Cover

by Patrick Hamilton

Directed by Dorothy Spencer


The action takes place in a living room on the first floor of a four - storeyed house.

Time - Latter part of nineteenth century

Directors Notes

This has been a very challenging play to direct and I would like to thank my dedicated staff who have worked so hard to bring it to the stage. Barbara Cilgram has played for the Garrick a few times before, but I thought it was time to stretch her with a much more demanding part than she has had up to now and she has worked very hard. Similarly Nick Allen has found the part of Mr Manningham a difficult, but I hope rewarding role, and I hope they have gained from doing them.

What can I say about John Cummings except that, as always, he has worked on and developed the part of Rough in his own professional way. Cathrine Mckie always puts in a polished performance, and as Elizabeth, the maid, she once again shows that same quality. Jessica Cummings brings the part of Nancy to life and shows that she is maturing into a fine young actress.

I can't let this moment go without saying a big thank you to our hard working back stage team without whom our productions would not go on. Nigel Catterall keeps designing our wonderful sets and a small band of helpers help him turn those designs into what you see on stage, but unfortunately that band is getting both smaller and older and unless some help is forthcoming on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and the Sundays immediately before and after a production, then I fear the Garrick will no longer be able to operate and have to close. So come on folks, if you know of anyone who can give us a bit of time, point them in the direction of a committee member and help us keep going for a while yet.