Friends and Neighbours

by Austin Steele

Directed by Alan T Miller


The action takes place in the living room of the Grimshaw's house in an industrial Lancashire town. Spring 1958

Act I

Act II

Director's notes

Forty years ago I had one of my first parts in a then modem play - Friends and Neighbours.

As a Lancashire lad, the typically northern humour greatly amused me, and I have used many of the lines from the play ever since.
The wheel has now turned full circle and here I am at the Garrick, directing the very same play, but now as a period piece.

The dialogue has rekindled memories and reminiscent tales from the "senior" cast, and blank looks from the younger cast to whom "laikin about" and "antimacassars", etc., were a mystery.

I hope that you, our audience, have as much fun watching the play as the cast and I have had rehearsing it.


Set Design - Nigel Catterall
Production Manager - Martin Chadwick
Set Construction - David Baxter, Nigel Catterall, Martin Chadwick, Richard I' Anson, Evie Ingle, Marilyn Masters, Trevor Riley, David Climpson
Scenic Painting - Noreen Lobo
Stage Manager - Nigel Catterall
Asst Stage Manager - Evangeline Ingle
Lighting and Sound - Richard I'Anson
Properties - Marilyn Jones, Denise Rennison
Wardrobe - Anne Dunlop, Frances Singleton
Prompt - Lynne Cummings
Programme - Martin Chadwick
Newsletter - Nigel Catterall
Publicity - Lynne Atkinson and Team
Front of House Managers - Geoffrey Pratt, Colin Sanderson