The Trouble With Old LoversProgramme Cover

by Angela Huth

directed by Dorothy Spencer


The action takes place in the house of Tom and Alice


Scene 1 Late Afternoon in Early Autumn
Scene 2 Later That Evening
Scene 3 The Next Evening


Later That Evening

Time - The Present

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I hope you enjoy this production of THE TROUBLE WITH OLD LOVERS. My thanks to my cast who have worked very hard over the last few weeks. Anne and Barry are seasoned Garrick performers, whilst Angela and Neil, though not new to the stage are still learning the art of the Legitimate theatre, and my special thanks to Susan who stepped into the part of Alice at short notice and I hope will appear again for us.

The production staff, often the unsung heroes of a play, deserve my thanks, especially Noreen for her scene painting, Nigel for the set design and construction and Kathleen for stepping into props instead of going on holiday and everyone else responsible for ensuring this plays success.Dorothy Spencer

The music I have chosen is Shostakovitch


Set Design & Construction - Nigel Catterall
Production Manager - Martin Chadwick
Stage Manager - Norman Bell
Scene Painting - Noreen Lobo
Lighting & Sound - Richard I'Anson
Properties - Kathleen Riley
Wardrobe - Cast
Prompt - Kath Hall
Programme - Martin Chadwick
Publicity - Lynne Atkinson, Richard Lord, Anne Cottam, Nigel Catterall & David Baxter
Front of House - David Baxter