SUMMER ENDProgramme Cover

by Eric Chappell

Directed by Alan Bailey


The action takes place in the `Summer End' Retirement home.

Time: The Present


Scene 1: Sunday Evening late November
Scene 2: Early Evening a few days before Christmas


Scene 1: Two hours later

Incidental music: Chris Barber and his Jazz band Perdido St. Blues


As a director, using the word loosely, I always obtain a great deal of pleasure and encouragement when I am working with a group of talented people who are prepared to work hard in order to achieve the high standard of performance which we have come to expect from the Garrick. I have, indeed, been very fortunate to have chosen a cast who have done just that and also been blessed with a technical team who have been as equally determined as them to maintain this standard.

I have to thank all of them for the amount of time and effort that they have put in over the last seven weeks in order to ensure that you, the audience, enjoy visiting Summer End this evening.



Set Design & Construction - Nigel Catterall
Production Manager - Martin Chadwick
Stage Manager - Norman Bell
Scene Painting - Noreen Lobo
Lighting & Sound - Richard Lord, Richard I'Anson
Properties - Gordon Chadwick
Wardrobe - Cast
Wigs - Joan Preston
Prompt - Patricia Chadwick
Publicity - Lynne Atkinson, Richard Lord, Anne Cottam, Nigel Catterall & David Baxter
Front of House - David Baxter
Programme - Martin Chadwick