The Understanding Programme Cover

by Angela Huth

Directed by Dorothy Spencer


Act I

Act II

The action takes place in the Leonard & Eva's large house. Time 1980s.

First produced in 1982 with Ralph Richardson and Joan Greenwood in the leading roles.

Director's Note

This play has been a delight for me to direct. Given the words by Angela Huth and the excellence and dedication of my cast, there have been moments of magic.

They have been heightened by a wonderful set designer, Nigel, and our hardworking stage team, also our artist Noreen who has created many beautiful props and stunning backdrop.

The play is an elegy on the themes of times lost, moments wasted, hopes unfulfilled and bitterness unspoken.

The music by William Ross is taken from the film The Evening Star, a sequel to Terms of Endearment.


Production Manager - Clifford Spencer
Set Design - Nigel Catterall
Stage Manager - Norman Bell
Special Paint Effects & Props - Noreen Lobo
Joinery - Nigel Catterall
Sound - Richard Lord
I.ighting - Richard l'Anson
Properties - .Pam Moulds
Set Dressing - Gordon Chadwick
Wardrobe - Lynne Atkinson & Cast
Prompt - Kath Hall
Publicity - Joanna Cummings & Team
Programme, Poster & Photography - .Martin ChadwickProduction Picture

Leonard - Alan Hargreaves and Eva - Catherine McKie