Sweet Revenge

by Francis Durbridge

Directed by Barbara Simpson


Act One

Scene 1: Late afternoon
Scene 2: Evening same day
Scene 3: Two days later
Scene 4: Ten days later

Act Two

Scene 1: Same day evening
Scene 2: Several days lager
Scene 3: Three days later
Scene 4: Three days later
Scene 5: Following evening

The action takes place in Dr. Ross Marquand's house in the Thames Valley.

Time: the present

The music is from Robbie Williams' album Swing When You're Winning.

The author of Sweet Revenge is also the author of the Paul Temple series, which many members of the audience will remember.

Ross Marquand is a successful consultant who is told by his wife that she has fallen in love with another man, Julian Kane. Kane is a famous musician, but also an opportunist and a womaniser. He dies of a fatal heart attack - natural causes or murder?

If it is a murder then Ross would be the prime suspect, but it is brought to light that all the characters involved with Kane, have a very good reason to see him dead. Was he murdered, if so by whom, and what is the outcome?


Production Manager - Lynne Atkinson
Set Design - Nigel Caterall
Stage Manager - Norman Bell
Paint Effects - Noreen Lobo
Sound - Richard Lord
Lighting - Richard I'Anson
Wardrobe - Burnley Garrick Club & Cast
Properties - Cath Broadley & Sue Harvey
Prompt - Dorothy Spencer
Programme - Martin Chadwick
Publicity - Joanna Cummings & Team
Front of House - Geoffrey Pratt & Team

Production Photo