A Little Local Difficulty

by Philip Goulding

(Adapted from The Government Inspector by Gogol)

Directed by John Cummings and Howard Rogers


The Setting is a Northern Town in Victorian England

Act One

Scene 1: The Mayors Parlour
Scene 2: A Room at the 'Slaughtered Cow' Inn
Scene 3: The Mayors Parlour
Scene 4: Outside the Mayor's Residence - Then inside the Mayor's Parlour

Act Two

Scene 1: The Mayor's Parlour

Music used In this production

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Production Manager - Ann Cottam
Set Design & Build - Nigel Catterall
Set Construction - The Garrick Team
Carpenter - Alan Bland
Paint Effects - Noreen Lobo
Stage Manager - Noreen Lobo
Stage Crew - The Cast
Properties - Christine Berry, Jackie Williams
Wardrobe - Frances Singleton, Anne Dunlop
Sound - Richard Lord
Lighting - Richard I'Anson and Jessica Cummings
Prompt - Pat Chadwick
Programme - Martin Chadwick
Publicity - Joanna Cummings & Team
Photography - David Evans
Newsletter - Joanna Cummings