September in the RainProgramme Cover

By John Godber

Directed by Clifford Spencer


Act I

Various Settings

Act II

Various Settings

John Godber was born in Upton, near Pontefract, in 1956. Of the many plays he has written September in the Rain is his favourite and in it he looks back at holidays taken by his mining family from Yorkshire — one week in September — in Blackpool.

The play is powered by the rough, dry wit of Yorkshire, and tinged with a gentle nostalgia for a time when folk were folk and nowt were queer as that.

Thanks to Mr Ken Oldfield of Nelson Camera Club and Kath Hall for loan of projection photographs


Martin Chadwick and Judith Briscall

Production Manager - Anne Cottam
Stage Manager - Nigel Catterall
Sound & Lighting - Richard I'Anson
Props - Pam Moulds
Wardrobe - The Cast & Club
Prompt - Dorothy Spencer
Photographs - Steve Grist
Programmes - Martin Chadwick
Posters - Nigel Catterall
Printer - Sankey Lord
Front of House Managers - David Baxter & Geoffrey Pratt