Season's GreetingsProgramme Cover

By Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Derek Harmer-Morris


Act I

Scene I Christmas Eve
Scene II Christmas Day, noon
Scene III Christmas Day, midnight

Act II

Scene I Boxing Day, late afternoon
Scene I December 27th - 5.15am

The action takes place in the home of Neville and Belinda Bunker

Alan Ayckbourn is, arguably, the best and most prolific playwright of our times, certainly always doing what Handel exhorted his players to do, that is "to hold a mirror up to nature". He peoples his plays with instantly recognisable men and women whom he can bump into any day of the week. You may, therefore, recognise this evening, some of our characters with all their foibles, imperfections and insecurities as they struggle through the Christmas celebrations.

Ayckbourn's script is full of sly observation, personality clashes and unfulfilled longings which have the uncomfortable ring of truth about them. He can justifiably be called a people's playwright in every sense because he understands the human condition so well, and writes about if with sympathy and irony - and always with unerring accuracy.


Production Manager - Martin Chadwick
Set Design - Derek Harmer-Morris
Set Building - Norman Bell & Team
Paint Effects - Noreen Lobo
Special Projects - Nigel Catterall
Stage Manager - Norman Bell
Properties - Christine Berry & Team
Wardrobe - Lynn Atkinson & Cast
Sound & Lighting - Richard I'Anson
Prompt - Kath Hall
Front of House Manager - Geoffrey Pratt
Programme - Martin Chadwick
Photography - Steve Grist

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Derek Harmer-Morris, the director of Season's Greetings, is new to the Garrick Club but no stranger to both professional and amateur theatre.

His acting career spans over half a century with favourite roles as varied as Sir Thomas More in A Man for All Seasons and Herr Schultz in the musical Cabaret.

He has directed a host of plays including a highly successful professional outing of The Adventures of Mr. Toad and The Corn is Green on a visit to Bacup some three years ago.

Season's Greetings is the only play he has directed twice: the previous production was in Eastbourne where he lived until his move to Burnley two years ago.