Programme Cover

Joking Apart

by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Alan Bailey


The action takes place in the garden of Richard and Anthea's house.

Act I

Act Il

"How nice to have such good neighbours as this... We're just moved in today and almost before we
have unpacked those nice people from the big house next door have invited Louise and me, together
with our little son Christopher, to a bonfire night celebration in their garden. What lovely people."

But this is Ayckbourn and as we watch the relationship develop over the next twelve years we find that all does not turn out as pleasantly as it begins.

A slightly darker side to this popular playwright's writings explores how long term relationships expose the weaknesses and the families of those. who come under the influence of well meaning but dominant friends.

This is the first time that I have seen a tennis court on the stage for a Garrick production, not to mention the Summerhouse, and l must thank the backstage team for putting this set together in a very short time. Our lighting and sound technician has also had to face quite a challenge this week and my thanks go to him as well as to wardrobe and props.

As for the cast, they have pulled out all the stops and worked hard to do justice to the words and characters with which Ayckbourn presented them.
Enjoy the show.

Production PicturePRODUCTION TEAM

Giles Williams. Anne E. Chadwick. Susan Mullen and Justine Wormwell

Production Manager - Martin Chadwick
Set Design - Nigel Catterall
Set Building - Nigel Catterall, Norman Bell & Garrick Team
Scenic Artist - Noreen Lobo
Stage Manager - Norman Bell
Wardrobe - Frances Singleton, Anne Dunlop
Sound & Lighting - Richard l'Anson, Richard Lord & Team
Prompt - Kath Hall
Front of House Manager - David Baxter
Programme - Martin Chadwick
Posters - Nigel Catterall, Peter White, The Nayler Group
Photography - Steve Grist

Thanks to Aldi Store, Burnley for sausages.