Fringe BenefitsProgramme Cover

By Peter Yeldham and Donald Churchill

Directed by Barbara Simpson


Act I

Act II

The action takes place in Isobel and Colin's maisonette.


We have had a tremendous amount of fun rehearsing this play and I am pleased to welcome three new actors to the Garrick stage, Michelle, Kelly and Richard. We hope you enjoy this light-hearted production and leave the theatre still chuckling.

I would like to thank a lot of people for their hard work in putting this large set together, especially Nigel Catterall, Noreen Lobo and Norman Bell, who have put several hours of work into building, designing and painting, and to the cast for blending and working together which has made my job easier.


Production Manager - Martin Chadwick
Set Design - Nigel Catterall
Set Building - Nigel Catterall & team
Scenic Artist - Noreen Lobo
Stage Manager - Norman Bell
Properties - Cath Broadley & Sue Harvey
Wardrobe - Lynne Atkinson & cast
Sound & Lighting - Richard l'Anson
Sound Design - Richard Lord
Prompt - Dorothy Spencer
Front of House Manager - David Baxter
Programme - Martin Chadwick
Posters - Nigel Catterall & Nayler Group Printers
Photography - Martin Chadwick

Thanks to Angler's All for loan of Fishing Tackle & Rosegrove Carpets