Relatively Speaking

a comedy by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Mark Storton


The action of the play takes place during a summer weekend in London and the Country :
Time : Late Sixties


Scene I - A bedsit in London, Sunday 7.00am
Scene II - The garden of a house in the Home Counties - Mid Morning


Scene I - The same - a moment later
Scene II - The same - an hour or so later

In the 1967 production at The Duke of York's theatre, London, Celia Johnson and Michael Horden played Sheila and Phillip and a young, up and coming television star had his first major West End role as Greg, Richard Briers.


Production Manager - Lynne Atkinson
Set Designer - Nigel Catterall
Set Construction - Harvey Levene & Garrick Team
Paint Effects - Noreen Lobo
Stage Manager - Norman Bell
Sound/Lighting - Richard l'Anson, Richard Lord, Rachel Sykes
Props & Furniture - Andrew Husband, Trish Hudson
Wardrobe - Lynne Atkinson & Cast
House Manager - David Baxter
Posters - Nigel Catterall
Programme - Martin Chadwick
Photography - David Evans