Rattle Of A Simple Man Programme

a play by Charles Dyer

Directed by Clifford Spencer


The action takes place in Cyrenne's basement flat, somewhere in London. Time: 1962

Act 1

Act 2

Percy comes up, or is it down, to London from Manchester, with his mates to support his team in the big match. He meets Cyrenne and his life changes forever.

Production Team

Production Manager - Martin Chadwick
Set Design - Nigel Catterall
Set Construction - The Garrick Team
Stage Manager - Norman Bell
Props - Keith Carter
Wardrobe - Lynne Atkinson, Frances Singleton
Lighting - Richard I'Anson
Sound - Richard Lord
Prompt - Carole Bardsley
Front of House Manager - Geoff Pratt
Programme - Martin Chadwick
Posters - Nigel Catterall