Programme Cover


a comedy by Mary Chase

directed by John Cummings

"It stands to reason no one has seen a rabbit six feet high - not often!
..... not often is right!"


The action takes place between the Dowd family home and Chumley's Rest sanatorium.

Act I

scene 1 - The Dowd hone, Into afternoon in spring.
scene 2 - Chumley's Rest, one hour late

Act II

scene 1. The Dowd home, about an hour later.
scene II - Chumleÿ s Rest. three hours later.

Act III - Chumley's Rest, a few minules later.


Director Notes

Elwood P. Dowd is a likeable, affable character, with a generous nature, a penchant for late-night bars and a best friend called Harvey, an invisible giant rabbit.

Elwood'ssister, Veta, frustrated in her attempts to marry off her daughter Myrtle Mae and ostracised from local society, finally tires of Elwood and his pal, and resolves to get rid of them once and for all.

The day finally arrives when his sister and niece are to commit Ellwood into Chumley's Rest, a sanatorium for the psychiatrically challenged. The appearance of Elwood heralds confusion and mayhem as we wonder who came to be committed, and who to commit! The figure of Harvey never very far from the action!

Harvey won a Pulitzer prize after first being performed in New York in 1944 and has subsequently been performed regularly all over the world.

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