The Shop At Sly CornerProgramme Cover

a drama by Edward Percy

Directed by Martin Chadwick


The action takes plan in a room at the back of a London shop Late 1930s




Production manager - David Baxter
Set designer - Martin Chadwick
Set construction - Norman Bell, Nigel Catterall & Team
Stage manager - Noman Bell
Properties - Keith Carter
Wardrobe - Anne Dunlop, Francis Singleton
Lighting - Richard I' Anson
Sound - Richard Lord
Prompt - Anne Cottam
Front of house manager - David Baxter
Programme - Martin Chadwick


Shop at Sly Corner was first presented at St. Martin's Theatre, London with Kenneth Kent, Cathleen Nesbitt and a young Deryck Guyler.

It's author Edward Percy was also a Conservative M.P. for Ashford, Kent. He wrote many plays including Ladies in Retirement, which he craftily plugs in this play, but Sly's probably his best known.

When I was first asked to direct this play I was reluctant, mistakenly thinking it would be dreary, but the author's excellent writing, mixing suspense, drama, romance and comedy have over the last few weeks altered my opinion.

My cast is a mix of experience and enthusiasm. Bill Walker, Kathleen Riley, Giles Williams, Neil Glendinning and Stephen Dixon have, as usual, been great to work with, but it is the newcomers, who are learning the craft of acting, who I especially thank for their enthusiasm, and I hope they will play again for us before too long. Grace Kay played a small role in Play It Again Sam a few years ago, Jill Robinson, Daniel Morville and Peter Morville make their debuts and Pam Baxter, who you usually see selling programmes makes her first appearance on stage for the Garrick.

Burnley Garrick Club produced this play in 1950 and I have pleasure in attaching the original cast list signed by all of them.

Some leading players from that era include Tom Redman, Mollie D'Arcy, Hilda Basnet, Arthur Westell and Raymond Morris.

Note the name Geoffry Pratt playing his first role as young Stew Hubbard, and Kendall Coward, whose widow Joyce is still a patron and who has brought her grandson, for the first time, to watch a play during which she and his grandfather did their courting.
Hope you enjoy it