Love's a LuxuryProgramme Cover

a farce by Guy Paxton and Edward Hoile

directed by John Cummings


The play Is set In the Bruce's West Country Cottage in an idyllic time of romance and innocence.




It is Council Policy to prohibit the use of live animals in performances at this theatre. We can therefore confirm that no creatures were stuffed during the making of this production.


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I say you chaps Jolly decent of you to pop round and have a gander at us this week!.

Thing is this idyllic country retreat ain't all it's cracked up to be, and frankly we're playing on a dashed sticky wicket!

It all began when Mr. P got in an awful tizz on account of Mrs. P getting frightfully shirty 'bout Fritzy shak'n' her 'chassis' in the wrong vicinity Then, to make things a darned sight worse, - Guess what? In place of the proverbial old dear of a housekeeper, we find this gorgeous, goddess-in-an-apron of a creature called Molly waitln' on us.

Added to that there's this rum old cove Mole campin' in the garden. Dick wanderin' round with his eyes wide open and his eyes on stalks - and the local Vicar ain't all he's cracked up to be either'

Anyway, to sum up the jolly old status quo -

Molly's got a male mother, Fritzy's illegally married to a bogus detective, the Vicar's a 'Scarlet Spider', and a perfectly harmless camp-dweller is being intimidated by a spurious Chief Commissioner on the track of a criminal who doesn't exist!

Apart from that, folks, everything's fine and dandy ... Oops! - must dash - I've got a dammed quick change to make - if you get my drift ... Toodle Pip! JC.


Set Design - John Cummings
Production Manager - Kathleen Riley
Set Construction - Norman Bell and Team
Stage Manager - Norman Bell
Prompt - Kath Hall
Lighting - Richard I'Anson
Sound - Richard Lord
Wardrobe - Lynne Atkinson, Anne Dunlop
Props - Lynne Halstead, Trevor Riley
Front of House - David Baxter and Team
Programme - Martin Chadwick