Absurd Person Singular Therese Raquin

a comedy by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Heather Jamison



The Hopcroft's kitchen, evening, Christmas Eve 1971


The Jackson's kitchen, evening, Christmas Eve 1972


The Brewster Wright's kitchen, evening, Christmas Eve 1973

The interval will be between Acts II & III; there will be a short break for scene changing between Acts I and II, but no refreshments will be served.


Production Assistant - Anne Cottam
Set Design - Peter Edwards
Set Construction - Harvey Levene & The Garrick Team
Stage Manager - Norman Bell
Light - Richard l'Anson & Kylie Raynor
Sound - Richard Lord & Edward Lee
Properties - Joyce Bond
Wardrobe - Lynne Atkinson & cast
Prompt - Dorothy Spencer
Front of House - David Baxter
Programme - Martin Chadwick
Set Transfer co-ordinator - Dorothy Spencer

Directors Notes

Alan Ayckbourn has written a remarkable number of plays over the years. His earliest were light, comedic fantasies, but as the years have gone on Ayckbourn's take on our society has become increasingly dark.
This play is towards the end of his earlier approach, with fast spoken and visual humour, although in Act III we can see the traits that are to to strongly mark his current pieces.

This play and cast have been a delight to work with; the author has given us six evenly matched characters and the cast have added all of their expertise and enthusiasm. As ever, the hard work of those behind the scenes has brought the whole endeavour together. So thank you all.
Heather Jamison

Yet another season draws to a close, but already set designs are in hand for next season and casts are being gathered together. Bookmarks will be available shortly to spread the news of what promises to be another cracking programme of six plays. Please request some to be sent to you and put them In suitable public places, give them to friends, relatives and anybody who might be interested and let's see if we can raise our season ticket holders back towards 800

STOP PRESS; Bookmarks available tonight! from our Front of House Manager