The Cocktail Hour Programme Cover

A play by A.R. Gurney

Directed by Barbara Taylor


The action takes place during early evening in autumn in up state New York. Time - mid seventies

Act I: Bradley and Ann's Living Room Interval
Act II: The Same

Production Team

Production Manager - Clifford Spencer
Set Design - Mark Storton
Set Construction - Garrick Team
Stage Manager - Norman Bell
Props - Frances Singleton & Gordon Chadwick
Sound/Lighting - Richard I'Anson
Prompt - Carole Bardsley
Front Of House - David Baxter
Programme - Martin Chadwick
Poster Design - Chrisalis Design

Director's Comments

It has been a privelege and a pleasure to work with this small group of talented actors, on a play unknown to any of us. It is a story of relationships within the family and much of it is very true to life. We have enjoyed the rehearsals and we hope you enjoy the results. Peter Ashworth makes one of his rare, but welcome appearances. Barry Beckett joins us again from Colne and Gay Williams, one of our Life Vice Presidents, again appears in the first play of the season. After a break Michelle Arthur makes a return to the Garrick stage.

Chairmans Remarks

It is difficult to believe that I am now entering my second year as your chairman, and I must say that the last twelve months have been anything but dull. Our 70th Anniversary celebrations were very successful and I am sure that all our guests enjoyed our dinner and entertainment at the Mechanics, meeting old friends and hopefully making new ones.

We have a good selection of plays to offer this season, mixing as we do, comedy, drama, murder and farce. We know that we cannot please 'all of the people all of he time' but we do try to give our audiences as much variety as possible. Overheard at one of our plays during last season, 'What a load of rubbish', and within seconds, 'The best play you have ever done'. We know that we can never win, but we try to do our best.

Our play selection committee has been busy for some months reading plays to be considered for season 2000/2001, so if you have a favourite play please tell us about it. Some fifty or sixty plays need to be read in order to produce a varied and entertaining season.

Congratulations to Carole Anne Connolly, a committee member and play director, for a recent award for the 'best overall performance' from the N.O.D.A. regional board, in our production of 'Death and the Maiden'.

Our good friend Gordon Chadwick resigned from his position as Garrick Secretary at our Annual General Meeting due to reasons of health.

I cannot let this opportunity pass without thanking him personally, and on your behalf, for many years of faithful service to our club from our time at the Market Tavern, through our brief visit to Bank Hall Miners Club, our own premises at Hammerton St., and at the Mechanics for the last thirteen years. Dedication and service of this kind is hard to find these days and we are looking for a replacement for the administrative side of Gordon's duties.

Any one of our members or patrons who may be interested should contact either myself or any member of the committee. Whilst on the subject of 'more help needed'. I must stress that our set building team is undermanned and overworked, and once again I appeal for assistance at our work nights on Tuesday's and Thursday's at Haggate during the season.

In conclusion may I welcome you all to our 1999/2000 season, and also thank my hard working committee for their invaluable assistance.
Clifford Spencer - Chairman