Programme CoverCastles In the Air

by Alan Melville

Directed by Geoffrey Pratt


The action of the play passes in a private room of Locharne Castle, in Aberdeenshire




Production Manager  - Clifford Spencer
Set Design  - Norman Cope
Set Construction  - Garrick Team
Stage Manager  - Norman Bell
Lighting  - Colin Wilkinson
Sound  - Norman Eldon
Properties  - Susan Cottam
Programme  - Martin Chadwick
Costumes - Frances Singleton
Prompt  - Patricia Chadwick
Poster Design  - Chrisalis Design
Additional Decor  - Betty Foster


Castle in the Air was first presented in London in December, 1949. It is a sophisticated comedy written to help dispel the ravages of the 1939-1945 war. It should be remembered that food rationing was still in operation and there was a shortage of fuel, particularly coal. Alcoholic beverages, especially spirits, were in short supply.

The post war Labour administration was still in power: Clement Attlee was Prime Minister, Sir Stafford Cripps, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Edith Summerskll, Minister of Food. Currency was pound sterling, a good wage was ten pounds per week and there were nearly four dollars to the pound.

Fifty years ago this type of play was very popular with Garrick patrons, and in fact, Castle in the Air was first presented by the Garrick Club in 1952. Among the members of the cast on that occasion were Henry Cooper, Pearl Redman. Harry Wright, Harry Y. Thompson and Margery Stevenson.
Geoffrey Pratt