Prgramme CoverStraight and Narrow

by Jimmie Chinn

Directed by Heather Jamison


The action takes place in Bob and Jeff's house just outside Manchester.

Time: Saturday afternoon in July, not so long ago.

The cosy domesticity of lovers Bob and Jeff is threatened by Jeff's crisis. Can Bob's family rescue the situation? And will Bob be able to tell seemingly ignorant mother, Vera that the straight and narrow, is not the life for her favourite little boy?


Production Manager - Clifford Spencer
Set Design - Anne Dunlop/Mark Storton
Set Construction - Roy Forrest & Team
Stage Manager - Norman Cope
A.S.M. - Martin Townshend
Lighting - Steven Pulford
Sound - Craig Simpson
Properties - Joyce Mulderrig
Wigs - Jean Preston
Prompts - Dorothy Spencer/Clifford Spencer
Programme - Martin Chadwick
Posters Design - Chrisalis Design