ProgrammeSee How They Run

By Philip King

Directed by Clifford Spencer


The play is set in the sitting room of the Vicarage, Merton-cum-Middlewick, in the early Nineteen Forties.

ACT ONE - An afternoon in September
ACT TWO - The same night
ACT THREE - A few minutes after Act Two

This is the second time around for this play. See How They Run was first staged by the Garrick in the early sixties, when Clifford Spencer, director of this production, took the role of the Reverend Humphrey.
The play itself made its debut at the Comedy Theatre in January of 1945, with Joan Sanderson taking the part of Miss Skillon, Joan Hickson playing Ida, Ronald Simpson as Lionel Toop and George Gee as Clive Winton.


Set Design and Construction - The Garrick Team
Stage Manager - Alan T Miller
Prompt - Dorothy Spencer
Lighting - Andrew Davies
Sound - Andrew Bean
Costumes - Jane Speakman
Properties - Carol Anne Connolly
Front of House - Martin Chadwick
Photography/Display - Mark Storton
Programme - Heather Jamison