ProgrammeAbsent Friends

by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by John Whittaker


The play is set in the present day. Diane and Paul's house on a Saturday afternoon. The action of the play from one act to the next is continuous.

Absent Friends was first performed in Scarborough in 1974. It moved to London, interestingly to the Garrick Theatre, in July, 1975. Two well known names, Peter Bowles and Richard Briers were included in the cast.


Set Design - James E. Wadsworth
Set Construction - Roy Forrest, Mark Storton and Team
Stage Manager - Heather Jamison
Properties - Alison Tenon
Lighting - Huw David, John Higson
Sound - Andrew Bean
Prompt - Lynne Atkinson
Photography - Mark Storton
Front of House - Andrew Husband

The Garrick would like to express its thanks to the Marsden Building Society.