Deadly Nightcap Deadly Nightshade

by Francis Durbridge

Directed by Barbara Price




Scene 1: Late afternoon
Scene 2: One month later. 10.00 p.m
Scene 3: The following morning
Scene 4: Thursday night
Scene 5: Friday morning


Scene 1: Continues from previous scene
Scene 2: Friday evening
Scene 3: The following morning
Scene 4: Six months later. Morning.

Time - the present

The action taken place in the Radford family home.

Deadly Nightcap was first produced under the title of Nightcap in Guildford in 1989. It was subsequently shown in London in 1986 when it became Deadly Nightcap. It has only recently been released for amateur performance.

Production Credits

Set Design / Decor James B. Wadsworth
Set Construction Roy Forrest + Team
Stage Managers Norman Cope and Des Cummings
Properties Jennifer Titterington, Isobel Wallace
Lighting and Sound Huw David, Andrew Bean
Prompt Jo Moyden
Photography Eddie Wildes
House Manager Geoffrey Pratt

The Garrick would like to give especial thanks to JAYCOL furnishings for the loan of furniture.