Whose Life Is It Anyway?

by Brian Clark

Directed by Geoffrey Pratt


The action takes place in a Hospital Ward and Offices.
Time: The Present

{Section 26 of the 1959 Mental Health Act has now been replaced by section 3 of the 1983 Mental Health Act).

Production Team

Stage Manager - Frank Nowell
Properties - Joyce Wright & Linda Bennett
Set Design - Geoffrey Pratt
Set Construction - Roy Forrest & Team
Lighting - Graham Goral & Team
Sound - Gavin Hale
Costumes - Pat Chadwick
Prompt - Kathleen Riley
Photography - Eddie Fildes
House Manager - Des Cummings

Burnley Garrick Club wishes to express grateful thanks to Rossandale General Hospital and especially Alan Cooper Ltd, Todmorden. for the loan of office furniture.

Production Notes

This play was first presented by Roy Cooney at the Mermaid Theatre In 1976. Subsequently it transferred to the Savoy Theatre where It ran for several years. Included in the cast were Tom Conti, Jane Asher and Richard Leech. Brian Clark is also well known for his Television Series 'Telford's Charge' which starred Peter Barkworth, Hannah Gordon and Peter Maloney. Brian Clark was educated in Bristol and he is a trained teacher and actor. He has written over twenty television plays, also Can You Hear Me At the Back? and The Petition, recently at the National with Sir John Mills and Rosemary Leach, for the stage.