Stage Struck Programme

by Simon Gray

Directed by Martin Chadwick


Act One

Scene 1: An Evening in Summer
Scene 2:The Day After Tomorrow About 3.30 p.m.

Act Two

A Few Seconds Later

Time: - The Present

Place: A renovated old farmhouse not far from London

Stage Struck was first produced in London in 1979 with Alan Bates and Nigel Stock.

Production Team

Stage Manager - Des Cummings
Asst. Stage Manager - Frank Nowell
Set Construction - Roy Forest & Team
Set Design & Decor - James E. Wadsworth
Properties - Jackie Williams, Heather Jameson
Prompt - Penny Walker
Lighting - John Rawlinson
Sound - Gavin Hale
House Manager - Geoffrey Pratt

Weapons supplied by Howorth Wrightson Ltd, Denton. Furniture supplied by Jaycol Ltd, Padiham. Fire supplied by Premier Gas Ltd, Burnley.