The Winslow BoyProgramme

by Terence Rattigan

Produced by Geoffrey Pratt

Cast in order of their appearance

The action of the play takes place in Arthur Winslow's house in Kensington, London and extends over a period of two years preceding the war of 1914 - 1918.


Scene 1:  On a Sunday Morning in July
Scene 2:  An Afternoon in April (nine months later)


Scene 1: An Evening in January (nine months later)
Scene 2: An Afternoon in June (five months later)

The play was inspired by the facts of a well known case but the characters attributed to the individuals represented are based on the author's imagination and are not necessarily factual.

Production Team

Stage Manager - Frank Nowell
Decor - James E. Wadsworth
Construction - Roy Forrest & Team
Lighting - John Rawlinson
Sound - Gavin Hale
Wardrobe - Flo Ridley & Rose Wright
Prompt - Valery Pollard
Props - Norman Cope

Costumes by Burnley Garrick Club & Watts Of Manchester
Furniture - Burnley Garrick Club, Highcliffe Players & Wrightons of Swinton.

Producer's Note

The Winslow Boy is the first of Rattigan's plays which has a historical source. Later ones were a Bequest to the Nation (Nelson), Adventure Story (Alexander), Man and Boy (Ivor Kreuger), Cause Célèbre (Alma Rattenbury). In the Archer-Shee case (the basis for this play) the historical ingredients suited Rattigan to perfection. The World of the English professional class at its most assured with a school boy in the centre of the picture, the world which threw up such compelling and flamboyant performers at the bar as Edward Carson, and Rufus Isaacs.

However much Rattigan may have altered characters and setting to conform to his technical requirements of staging, he does stick fairly closely to the main facts of the case. The one interesting fact that does not emerge from the play at all is that the Archer-Shees were Catholics of Irish origin and the strong anti-Catholic prejudice among the officers at the Royal Naval College at Osborne at that time. After his disgrace Cadet Archer-Shee was readmitted as a pupil at Stonyhurst and the naval authorities were piqued that they took him back so easily, so much so that at least one boy wishing to enter the Navy from Stonyhurst went to the length of transferring to another school for two terms so that he could put its name on his application form.
The Winslow Boy was first presented at the Lyric Theatre, London on Thursday, 23rd May 1946. The cast included, Kathleen Harrison, Angela Baddeley, Jack Watling, Clive Morton, Emlyn Williams and Michael Newell as Ronnie.

The Garrick Club’s previous production of this play was in September 1952. In the cast then were Peggy Dent, Tom Redman, Gay Cooper, Arthur Westall, Pearl Redman, H.G.W. Cooper and Brian Redman as Ronnie.

Garrick Newsletter

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Since moving into The Mechanics our audiences are steadily rising and it is necessary to inform members that if they come to a performance on a night other than that on their issued membership card they may not get a seat, particularly on Fridays and Saturdays. Should you find you have to change nights please ring Gordon Chadwick on 23488 to confirm that seats are available.

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